Balloon Rides 

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The history of ballooning in Europe dates back to the 18th century. The fascination of flying without the help of engines and steering the balloon has kept captivating people ever since. The art and the skill differ from the fly and is therefore called “driving”. You can now experience and enjoy the necessary specialist knowledge and necessary equipment with us.

What exactly happens on this day?

You will be thoroughly prepared and instructed by one of our experienced and well-trained pilots. After setting the route, as well as the take-off and landing sites, you are actively involved in the entire process and get in touch with the balloon. As a crew member, experience the construction and filling of the balloon until it is “ready to go“s…

Once all safety checks have been successfully completed and all participants are ready, the big moment of taking off takes place.

Your pilot invites you on an unforgettable journey. The majestic and peaceful way of getting around will give you an unrivaled view of the surroundings and countryside. Relaxed and without hassle, travel through the air, enjoy a delicious drink and share these moments with your fellow travelers.

Once the landing has taken place, you and your crew will rescind the balloon during which you will review the experiences. Talk is taken care of …

There they are already expected by our ground team and the return journey can begin.

What are the requirements….

Basically everyone is suitable, but you should like to be in lofty heights. The desire to enjoy something out of the ordinary and share probably all of you.

There is a special ritual waiting for first-time riders among the guests, as they are baptized according to the tradition of the balloon riders. Experienced balloonists will certainly want to remember it.

Would you like to give a special occasion to a marriage proposal or to experience an anniversary in a very special way? Are you looking for a gift that really stands out from others?

A balloon ride with us offers you all these possibilities, because nothing is comparable to this way to travel.

Registration for a balloon trip

Your eMail adress is necessary so that we can confirm your registration. Your data will be treated confidentially and with care.

    Where does the journey begin and how long does it take …

    Currently we can offer you as a starting point the rural and beautiful located Eschenbach (SG) in the Zurich Oberland. The offer of launch sites is still under construction and will continue to be expanded.
    Everything starts with the journey. After the appointments are agreed and confirmed, the participants travel to the starting place by themselves. After landing, they are brought back from us to the starting point of the journey.

    Traveling example

    The number of passengers in a group is limited to 3 persons (excluding pilot). The actual trip lasts 1-2 hours, the total effort is 4-5 hours thanks to your support.

    When individuals register, they are combined into a group and promoted.

    Or individually piloted on request.

    For each participating passenger we carry out sparkling wine or champagne. If you prefer soft drinks, please let us know when registering.

    All Prices incl. VAT

    Cost per person

    Balloon trip for max. 2 passengers

    Balloon trip for max. 3 passengers

    Sparkling wine or champagne

    All necessary clarifications (authorizations)

    Good mood and a special experience