Helicopter Technician

Do you need to reinforce your mechanical team? With more than 25 years of experience keeping maintenance of helicopters we are your reliable and strong partner. We are available, both short-term and for recurring engagements.

Sales and Procurement of Helicopters

Here you’ll find used helicopters at reasonable prices, provided by our clients and partners.

Purchase and Admittance of Helicopters

Owning your own helicopter has several advantages. Choosing the right aircraft for your requirements isn’t that easy. We support you from consultancy to approval.

Technical Control Flights

If a control flight is due, request Pirmin Birchler as technical pilot. Profound knowledge and many years of experience guarantee optimal results. Please contact us early, if required.

Operator: Da Vinci-Air

With an outstanding allround service Da Vinci-Air is the operator of your choice.

Supervision of International Flights

Would you like to fly abroad as a private pilot, but feel not yet comfortable with the official formalities? We support you in flight planning and customs clearance and accompany you as a copilot or flight instructor on your international flight.