Mountain Flight License MOU(H)

Enjoy the swiss alps from above! With the MOU-License you may land on and take of from 42 swiss mountain landing sites. The necessary MOU training is of course available from Da Vinci-Air.


PPL(H) or CPL(H)
• Medical Class 1 or 2 → List of AeMC – AME
• At least 100 hours of flight experience on helicopters

Theoretical Training

Air Law, Human Performance and Limitations, Anatomy, Flight Performance and Planning, Limitations, Safety Procedures / Emergencies, Obstacles

Practical Training

• min. 200 mountain landings, of which
• 50 landings between 1’100 – 2’000 m
• 150 landings on official mountain landing sites, of which
▪ 50 landings over 2’700 m
• total of approx. 20-25 hours flight training
• Skill test with a FOCA expert