Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(H)

The Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(H) is the cheapest way to experience the world from a bird’s perspective. With a first trial flight you get to know the helicopter without any obligation. The trial flight will be credited against your education.

The Light Aircraft Pilot License is suitable for those who just want to fly privately with up to three passengers. With this license the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of the helicopter must not exceed 2000 kg. In addition, the LAPL(H) is only valid in the EASA room.

We offer pilot training programmes on different helicopters. Homebase is Grenchen Airfield (LSZG) (Grenchen Airport). You determine the intensity of your training: Fly as your time permits or attend an intensive course.

If you wish to become a professional pilot at a later date, the private pilot license is the cornerstone for the further education to complete the CPL(H).

Would you like to learn more about the LAPL(H) training programme? Don’t hesitate to call us at +41 79 371 55 98 or use our contact form. We would also like to invite you to one of our information evenings »the way to the helicopter cockpit«


• minimum age of 16 years to begin the training / 17 to take the practical exam
• Medical Class 2 → List of AeMC and AME
• Knowledge of the english language is an advantage
• good repute

Theoretical Training

The theoretical eduction is provided by Swiss HSA. All 9 subjects are audited by the FOCA.

General subjects:

Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law, Human Performance and Limitations

Helicopter subjects:

Flight Performance and Planning, Operational Procedures, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight

Air radio:

Voice (communication in german or english)

Practical Training

• 40 hours are required, of which at least
• 10 hours flight experience as PIC and
• Skill test with a FOCA expert