Flight Instructor FI(H) Education

One of the highlights is the training as a flight instructor. Do you like to have contact with students, do they have the flair to pass on the acquired knowledge, can you motivate people, is it a pleasure for you to observe their progress?

Then you bring all the important requirements to master this task. Because at the end of every successful teacher – student relationship, the good feeling and the pride to be able to congratulate a student for the completed training always awaits as a reward.

Currently, we are offering pilot training programmes on different helicopters. Homebase is Grenchen Airfield (LSZG) (Grenchen Airport). As a flight instructor you train private pilots. Depending on the requirements and flight experience, you can also train professional pilots. With growing experience and further education, you are confronted with further challenges, such as mountain flight instructors or as instructor for flight instructors.

Would you like to learn more about the training programme to become a helicopter commercial pilot? Don’t hesitate to call us at +41 79 371 55 98 or use our contact form. We would also like to invite you to one of our public presentations »en route to the helicopter cockpit«.


• Medical Class 1 → List of AeMC – AME
• A valid CPL(H) license
• min. 250 hours on helicopters
• min. 200 hours flight experience as PIC

Theoretical Education

The theory training is carried out by Swiss HSA. These include General and Heli-specific subjects, as well as the new subject Teaching and Learning. The lessons are prepared and presented.

Practical Training

• 30 hours flight education at the Flight instructor seat
• Skill test with a FOCA expert incl. Theory Lesson