Technical Control Flights

At regular intervals helicopter manufacturers regulate compulsory ground runs and control flights. Da Vinci-Air provides the appropriate fulfilment of those runs, the required documentation, and the archival storage of the documents.

After major inspections helicopters need to be tested in flight. Beginning with an engine run on the ground, evaluating the engine data,
we continue with tail rotor dynamic balancing and adjustments. During the main test flight we again assess the engine data, perform power
checks and the main rotor dynamic balancing.Back on the ground we adjust the main rotor and engines.

These measures ensure the full airworthiness of your helicopter, and its operation at the lowest possible vibrations. Less vibrations mean less wearout, especially preventing the moving (rotating) parts of the aircraft from damage. This means you’ll save money on the long run.

Request Pirmin Birchler as technical pilot for your next inspection flight. His expert knowledge and years of experience ensure optimal results. Please contact us early when required