Supervision of International Flights

Would you like to fly abroad as a private pilot, but feel not yet comfortable with the official formalities? We support you in flight planning and customs clearance and accompany you as a copilot or flight instructor on your international flight.

International flights require numerous formalities. In addition, long-distance flights require an extensive planning. We support you with the flight planning, customs regulations and accompany you on the actual flight.

Planning and Formalities

To make sure your flight runs smoothly, some details have to be defined: range of the helicopter, required fuel reserves, alternative airfield (alternate), as well as suitable airfields for entry and exit customs. Some customs require a written registration where as others are fine with a registration by phone. We also support you in navigation- and ATC flight planning, or do the whole preparation for you. During the flight we make sure to comply to the calculated timing of the flight plan.

Preparation and Flight

Prior to the actual flight we ensure the airworthiness of your helicopter, and check the onboard stock of oil and lubricants. We also keep track of the weather situation before and during the flight.

An international flight is always a challenge – but also an unforgettable adventure.