Purchase and Admittance of Helicopters

Are you planning to purchase a helicopter? Would you like to avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase? To ensure you get the most possible satisfaction out of your newly purchased helicopter, we support you from the initial idea until the actual operation.

Inspection of Helicopters before Purchase

Before you buy a new aircraft, you want to know what you’ll get. We thoroughly inspect the helicopter during several hours prior to your purchase decision. This will give you profound knowledge about…

• the correctness and coherence of the documentation,
• the condition of the helicopter and its components,
• the estimated cost of maintainance over the next years, and
• whether the price is fair and reasonable.

Allround Service: from Offer to Approval

Furthermore we support you with the following points:

• Evaluation of helicopters suitable for your requirements (operating range, passenger capacity, etc.)
• Requesting offers and prices (initial purchase or second hand)
• Handling all import formalities
• Approval of your new helicopter
• Integration into the Da Vinci-Air CAMO+

With our many years of experience we take care that your helicopter purchase becomes a reliable and trouble-free transaction. Contact us today for an outstanding personal consultancy.

Operator: Da Vinci-Air

As a newly baked helicopter owner you’ll need a reliable pilot for your business and leisure flights: Da Vinci-Air is the operator of your choice. Thanks to our outstanding consultancy and support you’ll reach your destination relaxed and without detours. Contact us for further information.