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Grenchen Airfield is a well-frequented airfield with a good 85,000 take-offs and landings.

The civil airfield Grenchen is also considered an international airfield in Switzerland. Not only smaller planes and private jets land here. Also the gliding companys and the paratroopers are at home here. Here you feel comfortable to speak before the departure or approach with the tower.

Starting from the heliport, our flights start via the FATO on the Grasfield via HE or HW into freedom.

How to get there

Wether you’re a student pilot or a passenger, your journey starts at the General Aviation Center (GAC) of the Grenchen Airfield. Visit Google Maps for directions and/or public transport timetables (or click on the map).

But we also fly from the heliport Schindellegi with flight students and passengers.

How to get there

Whether you are student or passenger, your journey starts in the office / reception of the Schindellegi / Fuchs Helicopter heliport. Visit Google Maps for driving directions and timetables (or click on the map)