Da Vinci-Air AG

Da Vinci..?

Almost everybody knows him – one the most famous polymaths of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. Aside from uncountable scientific theories and insights, he invented the »helix pteron« the so-called airscrew, which already used the principles of modern helicopters all the way back in the 15th century.


We call ourself »Da Vinci-Air« as a tribute to the grand master. With the same passion Leonardo dedicated to his research, we devote ourselves to our assignments. These primarily include the training and education of helicopter pilots (Da Vinci-Air operates its own flight school recognised as ATO of SwissHSA), as well as the technical supervision and management of helicopters (CAMO+).

The company was founded in 2012 by Pirmin Birchler with its registered office in Muhen. Since January 2016 the company is domiciled in Stadel



Our employees in general flight operations and administration

Pirmin Birchler

Managing director, helicopter pilot, flight instructor, technician and aviator with heart and soul. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Pirmin Birchler…

Erika Birchler

The good soul of our office. Everything related to administration and accounting are her duties.

Michael Gähwiler

Quality Manager and with over 20 years of experience as a helicopter mechanic and aircraft plumber

Our Ballon Crew

Marco Riva

Balloon driver and companion, Driver of accompanying vehicles

Erika Birchler

Accompanist, Driver of accompanying vehicles



Daniel Kränzlin

Companion, Driver of accompanying vehicles