Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)

In order to guarantee the secure and reliable operation of your helicopter, we review all inspections according to the control intervals required by authorities and manufacturers. When we receive the aircraft from the part 145 we not only check the technical records but also the mechanical parts of the helicopter.

Using modern tracking- and management tools we ensure that the inspection intervals are met within the required tolerances. Thanks to optimised processes and as the link to your part 145 organisation we assess the helicopter as well as component runtimes and all other requirements in an optimal and efficient manner. This ensures the conservation of value of your aircraft and raises it’s resale value.

Competent consultancy and support

• Provision and verification of Techlogs
• Preparation of the aircraft maintenance program (AMP)
• Supervision of the TBO list
• Supervision of AD and SB
• Supervision of flight hours and engine cycles
• Company-specific development and customization of the (M)MEL to the respective helicopter type and operational requirements in cooperation with the part 145 maintenance organisation
• Link to the part 145 maintenance organisations
• Check, control and control flight after maintenance work
• Administration and filing of the MR

Approval CH.MG.3042 according to EASA Part M Subpart G and I

Easy and fast admission of any type of helicopter to our CAMO

With our many years of experience and several registered helicopter types in our part 66 B1.3/C aircraft maintainance license, the admission of new helicopter types into our CAMO+ is simple and quick.