Aircraft Approval (ARC)

The Airworthiness Review Certificate ARC must be renewed every three years. This is usually executed by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). With our CAMO+ certification we are allowed to do the complete review ourselves. This reduces administrative efforts and also saves time and money. We also take care of the annual extensions.

Commercial and Privately held Aircraft

We execute the ARC for all permits according to applicable EASA regulations and maximum take off weight annually or every three years.

Types of Helicopters

According to our CAMO Approval Certificate we currently review aircraft of the following manufacturers. Please view the Approval Certificate on this page to see a list of specific types.

• Airbus Helicopters
• Bell Helicopter
• Enstrom Helicopter Corporation
• Hélicoptères Guimbal
• Robinson Helicopter Company
• Schweizer / Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
• MD Helicopters

Approval CH.MG.3042 according to EASA Part M Subpart G and I